Welcome to the world of Virtual Machines!

TopasNet provides some know-how and downloads related to virtual guest operating systems for VMware software. You can get here Gentoo/Funtoo Linux Virtual Machines (VM) providing minimal desktops which are ready to use. There are also some bootable CD and DVD ISO which are auto-generated out of the VMs. Everything here is for free!

Moved from Gentoo to Ubuntu, sorry!

on Sunday 27 October 2013 - 14:36:34 | by Claudio Nold
I tried to recompile the whole Gentoo LXDE stuff but I didn't get it working because of changes in the ConsoleKit layer. If you are not tracking all the lowlevel Linux changes, you don't manage to get it up right and get your USB drive mounted(!). And there are always some packages which do not compile with newer kernels and you spend so much time to figure out why. So I changed to Ubuntu (the LXDE variant is Lubuntu) and built a new LXDE desktop VM. But it's also surprisingly lightweight - like the Gentoo Desktop VM.

I'm back again -> updated VM

on Thursday 27 December 2012 - 22:40:24 | by Claudio Nold
After a very busy time, I'm back again and now I have updated the VMware virtual machine. It's a kernel 3.4 release (with long term support) but still with the lightweight LXDE/GTK+ desktop. Please use the "Comment" function for any bugs, notes or other messages related to this VM.

Updated VM, introduced LightDM

on Monday 13 February 2012 - 20:41:05 | by Claudio Nold
It was a hard work to replace the login manager "slim" by "lightdm". Slim was sometimes a bit unpredictable; let's hope that LighDM will do a better job. Nevertheless, there is still an issue about the auto-login configuration which is described in the download section. The new release still uses the 3.0 kernel which will be mainteined for a long time. The new VM contains GTK+ v2, GTK+ v3 and also webkit-gtk.

New Kernel 3.0 Release

on Sunday 04 September 2011 - 15:55:22 | by Claudio Nold
This new 2011-09-02 release contains the new 3.0 kernel with Aufs 3 (Union File System). Now, there is also the "vmware" overlay installed (layman -a vmware). This helps to use a recent kernel with the open-vm-tools which work quite reliable (copy/paste from host to guest and vice versa, shared folders).

Bugfix release and XFCE Desktop VM

on Thursday 12 May 2011 - 23:04:54 | by Claudio Nold
The new GentooLight VM 2011-05-11 contains some minor improvements and bugfixes. There was a script missing (mkusb.sh) and the locales are set to en_US.UTF-8 and some European settings (time, date, paper and few others). There are no kernel packages masked now - they will be deleted at the end of the autobuild process.

I'm proud to also present a XFCE 4.8 Desktop VM which contains many multimedia, network and other programs!

New autogenerated builds!

on Monday 11 April 2011 - 21:51:16 | by Claudio Nold
Here is the first release of the autogenerated VM and bootable ISOs! It was a hard work, but now I have a build configuration for Andrew Gaffney's quickstart which generates a working LXDE desktop system.

It was also very, very hard to replace the obsolete HAL and to introduce policykit, consolkit, gvfs, udisks and all of their 1000 friends! The result of this is a higher memory usage - what a pity! Also, pcmanfm is currently under heavy development and is therefore a bit unstable.

Nevertheless, compared the the previous VM/ISO, the new system is much smaller! This is (- I think -) because of the untouched system; it's not required to boot the VM in prior to compress it. So enjoy the small space on your HD or flash disk!

TopasNet is back!

on Thursday 19 August 2010 - 22:19:32 | by Claudio Nold
TopasNet.ch is not even one year old and has attracted pretty much attention. The last few months, there were 5 to 20 GB downloads each day! Obviously, a ready-to-use Virtual Machine for Gentoo is in demand for many people - not only for me. I'm also surprised about the fact that bootable Gentoo CDs and DVDs ISOs are downloaded quite often! Don't ask me what the guys out there are doing with it...

TopasNet.ch is not even one year old and has a long history of hosts and hosting problems. First, I had started only with few links to upload-download pages which were for free in order to see if there was an interest for it. It was, but had I troubles with those sites, so I opened a domain at a Swiss hoster. But the hoster was getting hacked and abused so he had to leave his hosting business. That's why TopasNet.ch sometimes was down and not reachable. Also my nice little site has been hacked and abused!

To put an end to this story: TopasNet.ch is now hosted in good hands with a very fast and reliable connection. Enjoy!